Automatically detect and estimate piping and pipe materials from 2D drawings

AISekisan is a cloud-based build estimator that incorporates advanced AI to interpret and estimate various piping and pipe materials from 2D floor plans, greatly reducing estimators' work time.

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Building estimation is hard

Estimations require a lot of time

Adoption of BIM continues but a lot of estimates are still done from 2D drawings and consume significant time and energy.

It's hard to recruit good estimators

You'd like to respond to as many requests for estimates but there is a shortage of estimators and recruiting is difficult.

You want to expand your sales pipeline

To pick the best projects, you need a robust sales pipeline. That requires prompt response to a lot of estimates.

Improve estimate efficiency and accuracy

Save hours on estimation process

Significantly reduce the hours estimators spend to interpret and create estimates from 2D drawings.

Improve the accuracy of estimates

With a 91% accuracy for interpreting pipes and piping materials, reduce pickup errors.

Understand your internal costs

Easily create a cost list based on internal material and labor unit prices, and quickly analyze your margins.

10 sec

Auto estimation time


Estimation accuracy


Advanced security


Automatically detect ducts and vent caps

Even without a CAD drawing, AISekisan can automatically detect ducts, vent caps, and cuts, calculate length, and extract attributes from a 2D drawing (PDF, image files). Current estimation accuracy is 91%.

Detect text and number data

Text and numbers (part name/part size) in 2D drawings are converted into data automatically and associated with relevant ducts and vent caps.

Estimate manually, extract data

Materials that AISekisan could not detect can be manually interpreted by an estimator and changes can be made directly in AISekisan. Final estimates can be extracted and downloaded to an excel file.

Tell us about your needs and we will create a custom quote


Pricing is based on the number of drawings processed or the number of accounts required.

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